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Destination: Indonesia – the islands of Lombok, Bali and the Gili’s

The incredbile Rinjani Volcano - top of the hiking list for this tripWe are super excited to be heading to a few beautiful islands that make up the incredible archipelago of Indonesia. We’ve wrangled some cheap flights from Australia to Bali and have three weeks to see as much of the natural beauty of the region we can squeeze in. In particular the islands of Lombok, the Gili’s and Bali.

We are dreaming of temple visits, surf lessons, spicy street food and a challenging hike to the summit of an active volcano – Mount Rinjani. Not to mention the opportunity to understand the combination of Hindu and Muslim cultures, living on what we imagine, is an island paradise.

Rice fields in Ubud, Bali

Bali is an island that has remained low down on my list of desired destinations. It’s never appealed to me due to the masses of Aussies partying up an embarrassing storm of inebriated behaviour in Kuta (think American high school students during spring break at Playa del Carmen in Mexico). But over the years I’ve heard about the rest of the islands charms – away from the cocktail bucket bars. The low cost of travelling in Indonesia also rings a few happy bells.

We've got the Gili Islands off Lombok on our must visit list

So we’ve worked out a rough loop of a direction and booked the first nights accommodation, the rest of the time we can wing it – looks like we’re ready for you Indo – with minds wide open…


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There are 3 Comments to "Destination: Indonesia – the islands of Lombok, Bali and the Gili’s"

  • Wow. Those shots are amazing. Not sure we’ll make it to Indonesia, but keep posting photos of gorgeous islands and throw in some nasi goreng, we might change our minds…


  • Chris says:

    Love your name and your sense of humor! Good luck in Indonesia. Post tons of pictures of the street food if you can. Definitely one of our favorite parts of traveling…

  • kris says:

    We’ll do our best Carmel and Shawn – food is usually an enthusiastic focus of our travels too, so we’ll do our darnedest to hunt down the best nasi goreng with you guys in mind!

    And thanks Chris – we’ll definitely be posting lots of street food as our budget is tiny and our stomachs large! 😀

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