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The Routeburn Track: our ultimate New Zealand experience Part 2

Our second day hiking the Routeburn Track took us way above the tree line, along steep cliffs with spectacular views of the mountain range, past glacial lakes and icy waterfalls – easily the best day of the three day trail.

It’s hard to beat the feeling of knowing you’ve got a steep mountain to climb, making it to the top in a sweaty mess and looking down across a landscape that is usually reserved for birds and pilots.

After spending a chilly night that was close to zero buried in our sleeping bags, we dusted off the boots and pushed through the clouds. Luckily for us the predicted rain stayed away and the skies cleared drastically, right in time for our summit at Harris Saddle.

The knee bracing walk down some 4000 ft was spectacular, hiking slowly we stopped regularly with declarations of “Woah, I can’t believe how incredible this is” – every corner offering a fresh perspective and dramatic view.

It’s hard to expand on the beauty of this hike, to describe the delicious mountain air, or the buzz of walking through a pristine environment that is being fiercely protected by New Zealands’ Department of Conservation.

Unfortunately I didn’t prepare well enough for the excessive photo taking and ran out of camera batteries on the third morning – but I can guarantee that the last leg of the hike takes you along an equally stunning trail, past a raging river system that ends less than two hours along the road back to a comfortable bed in nearby Queenstown.

For both Andres and I, hiking the Routeburn Track was the highlight of our short holiday and we’d urge anyone with a tight amount of time to squeeze one of the Great Walks in to your itinerary!

For those that can’t get there, I hope you enjoy my visual perspective…


You can read about the previous day of hiking over here.

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