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Byron Bay to Nimbin and all the rainforesty bits in between

A stay in Byron Bay wouldn’t be complete without a lengthy meander through the surrounding rural areas; a veritable paradise of super green rolling hills, dense rainforest, quirky villages and unique arts and crafts. The kind of place Andres and I dream of moving too if we can somehow wrangle a job there.

I wanted to show my visiting family the best of the region, so we headed inland through the beautiful town of Bangalow – a village that boasts an amazing amount of vintage wares and antiques, beautiful weekend markets and some great Aussie pubs. The ideal place to while a way a Sunday.

Heading further inland we drove to Nightcap National Park for a chill out at Protestors Falls, dense rainforest where there is an incredibly beautiful short trail leading to a waterfall. The best antidote to a sweaty Summer day as you can rock hop your way to stand directly under the waterfall. Clothes optional.

From the forest it’s a short drive through The Channon to Nimbin – one of the most popular day trips for backpackers from Byron Bay. Nimbin is of course the home of the 1973 Aquarius festival and I’m guessing the world’s best population of bent-brained pot smokers, swindlers, old men in rags, and feral wash-ups from all corners of the country. Every shop in town under the local cannabis cloud caters for the wide eyed international travellers looking for a high.

Nimbians also host a massive annual festival known as Mardi Grass that transforms the main street in to a parade of giant floating reefers. The town is also easily reached (for those without cars) direct from Byron on the daily Happy Bus. Be warned that people watching in Nimbin could cause whiplash.

Winding back through the town of Lismore, the bendy roads lull you all the way through the hinterland and back to the ocean. Make time for a whole day to do the journey and you’ll get a sense of the area and the essence of the people that relish the life there.


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