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Farmers Markets – Byron Bay style

It’s no secret that the Byron Bay region is home to a lot of health conscious, peace loving, preferably organic eating folk. So every Thursday in town the good farmers and their faithful patrons gather to share the best of the in season gifts from the land. It’s a pleasure to shop there.

You’ll find natural by-products like beeswax candles, fresh flowers, organic sweets, local musicians and a whole lot of veggies and meat, all free from chemical intervention. Not to say everything is organic, but you can shop knowing you are supporting all the surrounding farmers while you rub shoulders with some very chilled locals.

Our find of the day was the farmer from Brunswick Heads who sells tasty shots of Sydney Rock oysters that are soaked in tabasco and pepper. After an early morning swim it’s way better than a coffee and leaves the taste of the ocean in your gob!

Here’s a peak.


Details of the markets and what’s in season can be found over here.

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