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A walk in the rainforest

I couldn’t think of a better way to close the year than a lengthy hike in the rainforest. With lush green canopies, scrubby cliff walks and the cleansing sound of water as a guide, it’s incredibly easy to escape the chatter of everyday life and focus on the positive.

Walking amongst the trees, cicadas singing, creeks flowing, the sound of wet earth underneath your boots, it’s the ideal space to think back over the past year and feel grateful. All concerns are easily forgotten as the environment captures your attention and holds you completely in the present.

We’re lucky to live within easy driving distance of a vast portion of forest that UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Area. It’s a wild and diverse region of waterfalls, cliff plateaus, dense sub-tropical vegetation and beautiful Australian wild life.

I spent Sunday with friends hiking the 17km Warrie Circuit in Springbrook National Park and thought I’d share the visual details of what makes this landscape very special to me. With that, Andres and I are wishing a happy new year to everyone sharing our journey – may the year ahead be adventurous, brave and peaceful for all of us!


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