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Flowering Aussie Summer

It’s starting to get really sweaty in sub-tropical Brisbane – the fans are becoming a constant accompaniment to the sound of cicadas, lawn mowers and squawking bats at sunset. The perfect season to revisit one of my favourite natural spaces in our city – The Botanical Gardens at Mt Cootha.

Established for over 40 years, the gardens are dense and shady offering a peaceful wander through a diverse range of native and exotic plant collections. I was interested to see what the change of season bought by way of flowering plants and was rewarded with the heady scent of fresh Summer blooms – gardenia, frangipani, tropical gingers and sweet, sweet jasmine. I love this time of year.

If you go after 3pm you can cool off while indulging your inner child by running through the sprinklers. It’s one of my favourite childhood memories of Summer – the sun on my face, bare feet on freshly cut grass and the surprise of the cold drops as it hits your sweaty skin.

Welcome back Summer!


You can find out what’s happening at the park over here.

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