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An orangutan stole my heart and other random thoughts

A few years ago I took a solo trip to Borneo – my main mission being to climb Mt Kinabalu, appreciate the orangutans, and get muddy in the jungle. This is the continuation of that journey as I re-share my emails home. Kris

You can be completely motionless in Borneo and still sweat like a complete bastard. Fried banana and chilli for breakfast is sublime. Staying in the jungle is sweaty, slushy, squelchy and full of raucous noise. Orangutans are heart breakingly gorgeous. Probiscus monkeys extraordinary. I feel no racism – just one big world. In this country there are 32 tribes, diverse religions and every colour. The word Malaysia could almost translate to peaceful cultural fusion. Geckos sing to you. Bouncing butterflies are catching my eye. Delicate dragon fruit and sago with coconut is deliciously divine.

My home stay family beside the banks of the Kinabatangan River where incredibly hospitable; it felt good to be somewhere remote and earthy with no internet. I love eating with my hands and greeting people with my hand over my heart. Outdoor showering from a bucket, feet in the mud, pouring soft rainwater over my head while I stare deep into the ultra-green is sublime. Fireflies on the river at night are a gift.

We spent an afternoon planting trees in sloppy, hot mud; regenerating the canopy for the orangutans of the area. I got super dirty and felt so alive. Roosters crow much more than once at the crack of dawn. The hum of the overhead fan slices through all the night sounds and soothes you to sleep. Slow. Whirring. The sizzle of the wok makes my skin tingle. I’m dreaming huge, colourful stories. Sometimes poor can mean incredibly rich. I feel lost and found but rich with this experience. I’m ready to climb to the sky.

Now I’m heading to Mount Kinabalu and will be off air until I hike to the top!


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