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Getting our Latin on in Melbourne

One of the toughest things for visiting food lovers to Melbourne would have to be dealing with the huge amount of choice. With only four nights to indulge we wanted to make our restaurant selection count. So we feel we have to mention a couple of our favourite finds.

After a day of wandering we started to get that Friday feeling along with the rest of the city. Andres followed his heart to a restaurant that specialises in Mexican food – but mostly tequila. Like all the good places, there is a line out the door from as early as 5pm. We squeezed in at the bar and went straight for shots of Andres’ favourite Tres Generaciones with lime and some palate cleansing ceviche. With a staggering amount of top shelf tequila, it’s a place you could get stuck!

Put Mamacita’s on your list.

Well warmed by our afternoon tipple we cut a cheery line to Movida Aqui, the third incantation since Movida opened in 2003. Apparently the original being a little bar on a graffiti covered cobbled lane serving tapas and shared plates in a down lit room.

Like a lot of food in Australia Movida isn’t tied purely to it’s Spanish roots, it’s more of a blend of Spanish styles using seasonal produce available locally. The presentation is five star but the vibe is definitely unstuffy and warm. Or maybe that had more to do with the excellent house Sangria slapped on to our table in an earthern jar.

I could only get a few shaky food shots without sending unfriendly flashes around the dining room. All we can say is, if you’re up for a lash out meal you couldn’t go wrong at this place. Everything looks so beautifully simple but tastes surprisingly complex.

We hit the bar scene with a long lost Colombian friend and discovered that Melbourne keeps delivering the style well in to the wee hours of the morning.


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