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Borneo or Bust

A few years ago I took a solo trip to Borneo – my main mission being to climb Mt Kinabalu, appreciate the orangutans, and get muddy in the jungle. This is the start of that journey as I re-share my emails home. Kris

Today is the big day! I am armed with a list of the top 10 places to find every kind of Malaysian Noodle in Kuala Lumpur. Where to find the perfect cup of intense hot Kopi. A map of rambling China Town and a pack as light as I can manage to allow me to wander aimlessly though the masses. God grant me a raging appetite.

I’ve had my vomit inducing typhoid shot and have started the hideous malaria medication; but nothing can possibly dampen my enthusiasm for the big Borneo adventure. Orangutans and sweaty jungle dreams have been invading my nights for some time.

I have even caved to purchase the hideous ‘yes I know it’s obvious I’m a tourist’ white collared trekking shirt. I drew the line at zip off pants that magically turn into ugly shorts. I still couldn’t find Size 10 female trekking sandals, so once again I have man shoes in the appropriate manly colour.

I have no guide book, no language book and have hardly a clue where I’m heading, but I know it’s Asia and it’s gotta be fun. That’s what tour groups are for; I’m converted (for now) on the small adventure group experience where I won’t have to look at bus timetables or pre-book accommodation. I can run full on into the country with my eyes wide open, get lost and just breathe it all in.

Until the real drivvle starts to flow…

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