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The long way round to Humpty Doo

Like a lot of things in life, you can plan all you want and unforeseen things still happen. Such was the case on our camping trip to Darwin. After a long awaited reunion with two good friends we set off for a weekend of waterhole hopping to Litchfield National Park; the place lovingly referred to as Little Kakadu. We were excited. And then the car started doing weird things, and then Tash, who was driving, stopped the car, smashed the steering wheel and swore a little.

Surely we’ll get a car dude here in no time, fix the problem and be on our way again? After all, stopping on a red dirt Northern Territory road is quite picturesque anyway. We looked in the right mechanical areas, called the right people, poured water in to things and waited. And then we waited some more. We might as well wait in the nearby pub hey?

Our spirits were buoyed by some hearty lamb meals and a good people watch. The general population of Darwin visiting a pub for lunch can best be described as colloquial.

Long story short, we were told we could get to Litchfield if we took it slow, so we took off again. And then we stopped again. Next time we broke down close enough to Humpty Doo Pub we took it as a sign. Dragging our camp gear to the Pub Hotel we spent the night with a different kind of wild life but equally Australian.

Limping back the next day we took a motor cooling stop at a nearby waterhole, browsed some aboriginal art along the road and generally kicked back.

We’ll always have Humpty Doo Hotel in the Winter time ladies!


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