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Walking amongst the ancient cave dwellings of Petra

 A few years ago I travelled solo to Egypt for a bit of desert action, followed by a meet-up with a friend from home. Together we took a short flight across the sands to Jordan, where we would squeeze in as much as possible in a week. Using past emails to family from overseas, this is a continuation of our journey to a country that remains in my top 5.

Hands down Petra was THE best ancient city I have EVER seen. It pretty much shat on Machu Picchu, Ephesus, Pompeii, every Egyptian monument, and the underground cities of Cappadocia. Not that I’m boasting, but if you’re in to walking amongst ancient streets and imagining a life of old, Petra is King. For me anyway.

It’s an incredible 2,000 year old mega city in which over 20,000 people once lived and it’s very well preserved. Ancient peoples of Jordan lived in a city carved out of the same candy striped multi-coloured rock we hiked through in the Dana Nature Reserve. We loved it, and can’t possibly capture it on film or with words; it’s huge and you could spend a week exploring the outer caves and remote dwellings.

But the people we met along the way, and those that followed us through the streets relentlessly, had us in stitches, blushing and yelling. I think being the only two single women under 55 exploring the sites that day didn’t help us. Brooke argues that it’s actually her natural hotness that drew all the admirers, and the locals are in fact only human! I disagree naturally.

During our 10 hour walking visit some of the hilarious conversation highlights, laid on slick from local Bedouins, included:
Them: Did it hurt? Us: ????? Them: When you fell from heaven?
Mohammed: Come and see the stars from my cave – I am crazy Bedouin
No name riding camel: Hot tea? (whilst pointing at crotch)
13 year old donkey boy: I smell you and I am happy…..I can’t stop looking at you, when I close my eyes I can see you in my mouth. Brooke: Go home to your mother!
No name Horse whisperer: For you free, I just want to see tourist riding my horse
Ishmail: I WILL find you
Allah: I will catch you like an eagle
Old moustached dude: Hey, you dropped something… Us: ????? Old moustached dude: My heart!

The testosterone ranging in suitors from 13-70 was oozing as thick as the sludge at the bottom of a Jordanian coffee – and that’s thick!

We’re off to see a candlelit ‘Petra by night’ now and potentially throwing ourselves laughing back into the wolves. Apparently (as we were told several times last night) once you’ve had black you never go back! Yes, eeeewwwwww. Obviously we are taking all this attention seriously and expect it from Australian men as soon as we return.

Tomorrow we’ll be camping in the far South of Jordan, to a place known as the Valley of the Moon, or Wadi Rum; then a full day back to Amman to see Jerash – the largest Roman ruin city in the Middle East before our last night together. We already wish we’d planned an extra week, or five!


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  • Samuel says:

    I have recently rentrued from a tour of Jordan with Bales. This was my first time in the Middle East, and will not be my last. Having travelled with Bales before, I expected that the holiday would be will organized and I was right. Our tour guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable with a great sense of humour, and everything ran like clockwork. Petra was remarkable, but for me the highlight of the holiday was Wadi Rum which is the most incredibly beautiful moonscape. The jeep ride through the desert was a great deal of fun and although there were plenty of other tourists about, there was a stillness which is hard to describe.

  • sporks says:

    Hearing you there Samuel, especially about the stillness. Wadi Rum makes the top of our list too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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