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Tales from the floating felucca bed

A few years ago I travelled solo to Egypt where I would meet up with other travellers for the usual gammit of Egyptian experiences; a float down the Nile, a camp in the desert, and a wander in ancient tombs. This is the continuation of my adventure. KrisAfter the past few days felucca bound I feel like an absolute crusty slug! It couldn’t be possible to be more rested and fed. Basically, the traditional Egyptian sailing boat is one huge floating bed; a bed for eight people with ample room to starfish. A travelling option where there is endless time to read and fall asleep with no restrictions. That’s ALL we’ve done, oh, and lying back and listening to the watery Nile lap the boat.

At times, as the book chapters merged into one, I thought ‘I really must turn over to see if the scenery has changed‘. Deep breath. More contemplation. Pass me another pillow will you please? Surrender to sleep. This has been the pattern of the last three days, but now I’m desperate to move. After eating big carb attack meals made on board, consisting of potatoes, bread, beans, rice, and more bread, I need to stand upright for some time at least.

I became a floating voyeur of light changes, sitting silently watching the mighty Nile reflect the subtleties of the sky. Sunrise easily watched from my sleeping bag as we were docked field side; sunset a prelude to the fireside song of our sailing hosts. I have woken to distant Nubian Village percussion, braying donkeys and the drone of bugs. Farmers and boat men have passed with the currents – smiling, sometimes waving, and also lost in time. We are so close to Sudan and the African spirit that this area feels timeless and untouched by modern cares. Like an earthy time warp we’re privileged to be floating through.

We’ve also managed to squeeze in some history, visiting the amazing Abu Simbel, Kom Ombo and Edfu temples en route. Plus a magical sunrise hot air balloon over cane and wheat fields aside mud hewn villages. After a brief city stop we are now heading North, back to Cairo on the overnight train, then the joy of climbing Mt Sinai at sunset awaits us!


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