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Homage to one of Australia’s fondest drinks – Beer

The other night Andres and I had the pleasure of eating with good friends – one being a chef of fancy proportions, home on a flying visit and eager to get stuck in to the kitchen. And like most men reunited with familiar home comforts, Chef Andy thought a beer matched feast was in order. Who were we to say no?

It reminded us of the strong association we have to the pleasure of yeasty drinks. Harking from our European roots, most Aussie’s like a cold one at the best of times. What we didn’t realise was how well beer goes with, well, everything.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking and provide you with some beers to explore and the foods that they happen to enhance so nicely, or is it the other way around?

The menu  – click on the beers for further inspiration

All we’re trying to say is, if you love beer, why stop and switch to wine when you can keep up the heady love all the way through to dessert!?


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