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The cost of travelling light in life

This post is intended as pure travel inspiration; mostly for the people that dream of packing up everything and wandering for a while. For the people who think it costs a lot of money to follow the road, and those that have asked us along the way “How can you possibly be travelling for so long and not working?”

Sure we did most of our journey slowly. We volunteered on organic farms through wwoofing and we even ran a jungle hostel in exchange for food and rent, but we covered almost 30 countries and experienced some incredible places.

We hitch hiked, we camped for free in wild places, we house sat and we ate a lot of noodles. We lived without many possessions and often comforts. But the answer to the question if you’re planning on a journey like ours is:

$10,000 USD per year!

The first year we only spent $7,000 USD each and the second we lashed out a little and covered more ground. That total includes $2,400 in quality travel insurance which I ended up needing a couple of times. Also including flights from Australia to Argentina, flights throughout Colombia and onwards to Central America. As I moved from Latin America to Asia I spent about $1500USD on a decadent week in Japan with friends and flights on to South East Asia. Even flights back to Australia from Thailand are part of the total.

Andres spent way less than me, he had no insurance, he didn’t travel through Central America and he didn’t lash out with as many massages. I spent almost $5,000 on flights, plus insurance of $2,400, so I really only spent $12,500 on living for two years.

Altogether it works out to be about $17USD per day!

Back in Australia we’re now planning shorter, more extravagant holidays that fit around work; and there’s a lot to be said about decadent versus budget holidays. But if you’re dreaming long term, maybe these figures will help you realise that with a bit of hard saving you can roam carelessly for a really long time.

However you get there, we say go for it. Life’s too short to only wonder what if.



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