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East coast cruising to Byron Bay

In Australia it’s pretty normal to spend several hours getting to where you want to go. With abundant nature stops and kangaroos appearing at dusk, it’s always a beautiful drive along the coast some 900 kilometres between Sydney and Brisbane. On the way we couldn’t resist stopping at one of Australia’s most well known spots – Byron Bay.

Luckily for us, friends I have known for over twenty years live in this small coastal town and it’s only a couple of hours South of Brisbane. As a couple, my friends have about 40 years combined surfing experience; which basically means that they know how to catch the biggest breaks, and then some. Andres was dead keen to catch a wave, and Geoff was kind enough to get him up on the board in no time.

For a Colombian that hails from a high altitude place miles from the ocean, dare I say it – Andres was born to surf! I haven’t seen the guy grin so much since we watched La Boca thrash River in one of Argentina’s Premier League football matches. And even then there was air punching.

For me, I’m happy on the boogie board, frolicking in the water and hitting the nature trails around the area. My friend Jodie and I hiked the lighthouse trail under stormy skies and happened upon this guy – in Australia we call them water dragons; and even though they do there best to blend in, we found one who stopped long enough for us to get close. Unlike a lot of Aussie creatures they are completely harmless.

Even though it’s not hard to get caught up in the natural beauty of Byron, it’s also easy to get swept away with the gourmet food choices. We managed to get beach side seats at one of Byron’s best seaside restaurants – Byron Beach Cafe. With sweeping views of main beach, simple but creative local dishes and a non pretentious atmosphere, it’s definitely my pick of places to scoff in Australia’s most Easterly location.

There is so much going on in Byron Bay culturally, musically, and artistically, that overall it’s an amazing source of thriving Aussie culture. But for now it was a quick stop to reacquaint ourselves with all the good things we are lucky to hold dearly – close to home.

We’ll be back to share more of this cool town very soon. Until then, thanks for helping us get sandy again Jode and Geoff – we can only take the sunny patches (amongst Australia’s second wettest Summer EVER) as a sign we need to return soon!


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