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Savouring Australia’s incredible seafood

Considering Australia is a huge island and most of the population live along the coastline, it’s easy to understand how heavily seafood features as part of our cuisine. So after being away for such a long time, and breaking fifteen years as a vegetarian eating fish in Latin America, a feast was in order. A feast of the aquatic kind.

My parents are both mad keen about fishing and have spent a life time chasing the tides around Australia. I’m proud to say my Dad’s even been a centre fold for Fishing World back in the day – with a King Fish record. Needless to say, they know how to make everything from the ocean and rivers of Australia taste even better.

So it was with great excitement that Andres and I followed them around the main fish market in the city and shopped up big!

Sydney fish market is one of the best ways to get a handle on the fresh ocean produce from all over the country and it’s usually a place bustling with tourists. If you had some time in the city and love food you can even do one of their cooking classes and learn how to make your Aussie Barramundi to perfection.

Shopping at the market is also one of the cheapest ways to enjoy many of the foods that are often the most expensive items on Sydney menus. And if you’re not sure what to do with your pick there are plenty of people ready to gut, clean and fillet your seafood for you.

We found it hard to decide what to go for first and chose lots of different seafood to eat fresh, marinade and barbecue throughout the day. For about $200 AUD between five people we each had a dozen oysters, barbecued scallops, marinated mussels, a whole squid, a huge amount of tiger prawns on crusty white bread – heavy on the butter, and the best tasting fish I’ve ever had – a whole coral trout filleted in to chunks and barbecued to perfection.

I have to admit my vegetarian days are over for now, but with a little help from the Australian Marine Conservation Society I can make sustainable seafood choices and be a conscientious veg-aquarian.


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