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Exploring Sydney’s beautiful Harbour on foot

I wanted to show Andres the best of Sydney Harbour in a short space of time, and on the cheap; so we dusted off the thongs and got walking. We focused on the main attraction of the ocean foreshore, a lush food stop and some quiet natural spaces with killer views.

One of the best perspectives can be found walking across the Harbour Bridge, aka The Big Coat Hanger. Starting at Kirribilli, you can wander across with the city joggers, climb up through one of the pylons for a bit of extra history and continue on to The Rocks. It’s my favourite city walk and one I always need to do to make me feel like I’m back on Aussie soil.

On Fridays at The Rocks there is a gourmet food market where you can sample some local treats before you head further in to the city. We made a beeline to Darlinghurst to one of the many fine dining restaurants – Spice I am. A Thai place that reminded us how Aussie chefs know how to twist classic Asian flavours in to even showier versions of their original selves.

With very happy stomachs we set off down hill to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair – a natural outcrop on the Harbour that sits proudly next to the Royal Botanic Gardens. It’s the perfect place to see how beautiful the landscape is as you walk amongst fig trees and native gums. It’s also the ideal spot to view the harbour from a quiet nature perspective.

From the Botanic Gardens it’s a short walk along the water to The Sydney Opera House. That iconic white building synonymous with Australian’s idea of their oldest city.

After perusing the opera foreshore we headed back across the Bridge to the North side; finishing off a full day on foot with a dip in one of Sydney’s many ocean side salt water pools. We could have packed a picnic and settled in for sunset, but friends shouted us to some home made pizzas and beers in their backyard. Overall another amazing Sydney day!

If you want to follow our footsteps – to see the best of Sydney Harbour walking – we’ve mapped it out for you here. But if that all sounds to exhausting, just jump on a Sydney Ferry and zip around on the water. As we Australians say “Life’s too short – so take it easy”.

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