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Relishing the classic Aussie beach day

For me, growing up in Sydney was all about the Harbour – swimming laps in ocean pools after school, meeting friends at parks to watch the sunset across the water and body surfing the breaks along the Northern Beaches. Returning home to perfect weather after two years away has reminded me how lucky I am to call this city home.

For the past week Andres and I have squeezed in as much beach time as possible, and one day we had the pleasure of showing our Colombian friends studying here, that there are plenty of quiet spaces to explore while you get your sun and sand overdose.

We spent an idyllic day swimming, walking along the coast between rocky points, knocking back an esky of cider and getting our sandy fingers in to some classic fish and chips.

It didn’t really feel like I was home until after the first ocean plunge. Now all we need for our campervan is a boogie board to surf the waves as we head North!


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