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Back in the land of Oz

After almost two years on the road, returning to Australia is surreal – but in a really good way. Not only can we drink the water again and start flushing the toilet paper, but we are suddenly surrounded by friends and family.

Travelling for so long and meeting people as you roam is always great; but there’s certainly nothing like the people that really know you. Not to mention a few tasty Australian foods we’ve missed and been greedily re-acquainting ourselves with.

We’d been keeping our return to Australia secret so we could surprise people as we drove down the East Coast from Brisbane to Sydney. Just driving again after so long was a weird sensation; and driving our Bongo campervan again felt like we’d hardly been away.

Knocking on doors from Byron Bay to Sydney, seeing the shock and general excitement of friends and family meant we’ve been celebrating every night since returning. After a week on the road we’re feeling a little dusty – but it’s been an amazing home coming. Aussie in all the best ways.

After a few years together, it’s also fantastic to finally introduce Andres to my family, show him my favourite Sydney places and celebrate the fact that we can both call Australia home for a while – at least until our next big adventure takes a hold of us.

It’s hard to imagine staying in one place again, but the gypsy feet will be getting a wander soon enough – we have big plans to get lost in some of Australia’s natural spaces, visit Uluru, explore the East Coast and take shorter overseas trips out of Brisbane.

I’m looking forward to sharing the unique things about my country with all the people we met travelling – new friends we are hoping will visit. I’m also feeling excited to tell you all about the beauty of this big island we affectionately call Oz!

These photos will show you what we’ve been up to (no surprise it’s been mostly drinking and eating) on our sneaky return.


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