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How to drink Baijiu like a Chinaman

It was Australia Day, we felt it was our National duty to hunt down other Australians, dig up our inner bogan, subject other travellers to horrible renditions of Aussie Rock and drink too much beer. Disregarding the true importance of Australia’s National Holiday, like the majority of Australians, and treating it as a good excuse to party, we kept ourselves nice and stuck to beer. No one was hurt, our dignity was still intact and it was time to walk home.

But then the craving for kebabs was mentioned. Clearly Andres has lived in Australia long enough to develop the 2am habit of stopping for some meat before crashing in to a peaceful inebriated slumber. And it just so happens that Dali does excellent street bbq until the wee hours of the morning.

What we didn’t anticipate at one of the many bbq dens was a table of rowdy Chinese people knocking back the Baijiu. It was only Andres and I, plus a table of twelve very drunk locals. Smiles ensued. Where are you from?, and the usual banter followed.

You want some Baijiu? offered a funky Buddhist with dark rimmed glasses and an over excited devilish grin.

Andres didn’t stand a chance against the pure white alcohol demons.

For once I was being unusually sensible and declined adamantly from the beginning. From the look of that clear liquid things were going to get messy, fast, and we were a long walk from home down many confusing dark alleys. I had a rare moment of responsibility.

Andres took to the challenge like a Colombian faced with a litre of his country’s finest firewater. One by one each man at the table insisted on having a celebratory shot with the friendly foreigner speaking in a strange Mandarin accent.

This is what happened.


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