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Falling in love with our new Chinese home of Dali

After more than a year and a half on the road, it took us less than a day, fresh off the train from the bustle of Kunming City, to feel our bodies and minds react to the beauty and vibe of Dali. We wanted to stay. Bad.

As a touristy small town, popular with Chinese Nationals, steeped in ancient Chinese history, traditional architecture, abundant nature and a healthy expat community, it took us only one night talking to locals to decide that we are more than ready to stop.

It’s time for us to make friends, be productive, get to know the dark corners of a place and create a rhythm of life. Maybe even let ourselves get attached to some local stray dogs. Hell, maybe even earn some money.

We’ve got no limitations by extending our Chinese visa to at least three months, we’ve found a cheap (as in $200 per month for both of us) lively communal house to move in to. A ‘home’ with the opportunity for Andres to speak in Mandarin only, and one resident long term travelling Englishman for me to bounce jokes off. And effortlessly enough, we’ve got our fingers in some teaching and hospitality  job pies.

So, it looks like we’re here to stay. For a little while anyway.

These images are the casual first two days of snapping. The town takes on a whole new translucent energy at night that I’m determined to capture. Dali is easily the most visually stimulating place we have found in a long time, and we’re looking forward to sharing it.


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There are 2 Comments to "Falling in love with our new Chinese home of Dali"

  • cassie vincent says:

    Dear Ginny and Andres,I am in love with the whole vibe of Dali.Loved the photo;s of course of all the food .I am sitting here salivating,but my favourite is the two old girls having a natter in the street, just priceless..”I say pet,I say love”….Love and hugs.xxxxxx

  • sporks says:

    I say pet, I say love, but with a purring kind of pussy cat accent 😀 You’re too funny! Come visit? Thinking of you for New Years honey. Lots of love from us to all the Vinnies xx

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