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Photo dump: Discovering the backstreets of traditional Kyoto

I’ve always thought of food when the word Japan is mentioned, as well as cherry blossoms, falling autumn leaves, beautiful fabrics and modern design mixed with traditional beauty. Stopping in Kyoto for a few days I discovered a whole lot more. Unfortunately the heat of summer meant the changing of the leaves was late, I had […]

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Temple gazing in Japan

This is a guest story by a friend I’ve been travelling with in Japan. Dieter is a Graphic Design Director from Brisbane, an enthusiastic traveller, a player of saxophones, and an admirer of architectural aesthetics. He’s also a cool travel companion. Kris When I think of Japan, I can`t help but think of tsunamis, bullet trains, […]

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Living the lush life within the traditional houses of Japan

One of the many highlights of my journey to Japan has been the opportunity to experience some intense luxury. After a long time watching every peso on the Latin road, plus an offer from friends to visit me in transit, I was given the perfect excuse to blow the budget and step in to another world. Days […]

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Eating with gusto through Nishiki Ichiba Market

After so long in Latin America the beauty of Japan has been intimidating and strange; ultimately different and gorgeous in another sense. The detail of modern Japanese life, the ease of movement, the gentleness of the people and the abundance of options have left me both impressed and walking around with my mouth open in […]

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Travelling Crust: an Aussie couple teaching English in Japan

Inspiration for anyone thinking about earning a peso in a foreign place and not returning home for as long as the wind blows. Unsure of the next move post University, Carla and Eugene took a gutsy first step out of home –  moving in together to Japan. Carla put a creative fashion design role on […]

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