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Phuket – some people’s idea of paradise

After two weeks on the very chilled and underpopulated island of Koh Phayam we thought we’d mix it up and head to Phuket. It has the reputation of being a party place with great food and resort style accommodation. As it turned out, the heaving beaches and tacky bars were the antithesis of our idea […]

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Underwater love

In Southern Thailand the water is incredibly clear; the ideal place to go looking for sharks as they feed off the coral reefs. I was craving some underwater fish time so I booked a boat trip from Phuket  and hoped for good weather. As it turned out, the weather wasn’t good, it was incredible! Thirty […]

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Dear travelling stomach…

We need to talk. It’s been all fun and games for the past couple of years, travelling with abandon, eating whatever we like under the guise of cultural understanding. But things have gotten a little, shall I say, crazy. Sometimes I feel like you’re just not listening to me anymore – in an annoyingly belligerent […]

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How to make sweet, sweet Roti

The good people of Thailand knew a tasty thing when they saw it; they took the traditional Indian Roti and turned it in to a decadently sweet snack that goes perfectly with the island vibe of their own country. A brilliant chocolate chaser after a spicy coconut curry. Andres can’t stop eating them, so I […]

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The art of doing nothing: harder than it looks

As we spend more time on Koh Phayam, we’ve had the luxury of appreciating the little things; like stormy tropical rain that’s made the sky moody and the children squeal. Of a morning, the sun has been illuminating the ocean to a hard to resist tropical blue. Butterflies have also been in abundance as the […]

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Thai idle time

For those of you who’ve never been to an island in Thailand, it’s pretty easy to sum up the adventure. It’s very much like an Australian beach holiday where you spend the day deciding on whether to sit in the sun or lay under a tree, which book you’re going to read first and creating […]

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The truth about Thailand’s Tiger Temple

As an animal lover I’ve always been very anti-zoo, but also as an animal lover, having the opportunity to hand feed some beautiful tiger cubs was hard to resist. I wanted to find out if the very popular Tiger Temple really was a conservation experience or a tourist business profiting from animal incarceration. On a […]

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One place to eat before you die

If you only have a couple of days in Bangkok you have to save some stomach space for a hearty seafood meal in Chinatown. Not that we’re advocating shark fin consumption, but we want to point you in the direction of a place that encompasses the energy of the city, while dishing up incredibly tasty […]

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How to get your greasy oyster on in Bangkok

Even after all the luscious Chinese food we’ve been eating, as soon as the word Bangkok was mentioned, Andres’s eyes glazed over and he started to reminisce about fried oysters in a dubious Chinatown alley. He used the words rich and dangerous. My interest was peaked. We’ve both spent quite a bit of time in […]

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