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Raising awareness of awareness raisers

A couple of months ago we added a section called Stuff we like, basically a bunch of links to pages that have been useful to us. Last week however, we listed two more links solely because of the fuzzy-feelings provided. Because that section is the dark corner of our website, I feel it is my […]

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Hike through a Patagonian forest, as you do a visa run to Chile

It has been 90 days since our pesky visa run to Colonia, Uruguay. This time we trekked to Chile and back. It wasn’t pesky at all, only bad ass. Lake Puelo crossing was the natural choice for us. It’s the nearest place where you can get a stamp on your passport, and the Chilean visa […]

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A dedo [Verb]: By thumb, hitchhiking to Patagonia

Hitchhiking is more than a way to avoid transportation expenses while surrendering to chance. ‘Thumbing it’ is also a guaranteed way to encounter colorful individuals, as you visit far-off places and ruminate what you would not appreciate otherwise. That, or a shortcut to the front page of lurid newspapers. Looking for a fair share of […]

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Visa run from Buenos Aires to Uruguay

Visa runs are the equivalent of doing taxes for the chronic traveller, that pesky duty that every now and then needs to be done. After ninety days in Buenos Aires we did our first visa run to Colonia de Sarmiento, Uruguay, a town with stagnant charm and deafening peace.  The pictures posted earlier will give […]

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We call it football, not soccer

Disregard tango shows and cowboy extravaganzas. Visiting Argentina while the football season is on, and not going to a match, is akin to traveling back in time to a French port before penicillin was invented, and not getting an STD. Argentina is mad about football. Every weekend, one hundred teams spread over five divisions play […]

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Tigre delta tripping

Buenos Aires is notorious for it’s myriad of restaurants, bars, theaters, museums, football stadiums and city dwelling delights. In short, nothing nature lovers could be expecting before they get here. But if nature beckons, there are a few choices not too far from BA. One of the most popular is Tigre. A small city that […]

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Alfajor (al-fa-whore), pl. alfajores

When the shop is closed, drivers and pedestrians walk by and fail to hide their grimacing looks. If its open, upon your entrance, the staff smile profusely. They lure you with free samples, it´s OK, they know you’ll stick around. You have  a go at everything the shop has to offer as you bask next […]

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Fine entertainment, free admission

Recoleta is a notorious upmarket barrio of Buenos Aires. Five star hotels, embassies, designer shops, and plenty of restaurants, where people with shoes such as the ones I’m wearing are not allowed. It also holds the best three free activities we have done so far, and all of them, in a three block radius. Do […]

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I am very happy for you gays, er, guys.

Today, Argentinean homosexual couples woke up (the ones who had any sleep), to find that they are equal to their heterosexual counterparts in the eyes of the law. At around 4am, the Senate, on it’s 17th debate about it, voted for amending the civil code. In a move that allows same sex marriages and grants […]

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Tips for anglophones learning Spanish

After allocating a chunk of your brain for your new Spanish personality, nurture it systematically. Don’t panic. Only soccer commentators and people who don’t want to speak to you talk that fast. Anxiety will only harm the cognitive process. Don’t think it is a difficult process, think of it as a long one instead. Particularly […]

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