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Another spork in the road

The ‘journey’ has been sharply focused inward this past year – operating in study survival mode in a pair of weekend pyjamas and a tonne of ice cream – while the all consuming work of completing my Social Work degree took the front seat. Along the way my normally adventurous spirit feels like it has died a slow […]

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Why you should visit Halong Bay, even if it is a tourist trap

  Tourist traps are the curse of travellers who seek some solitary inspiration. Often, destinations like Ha Long Bay, that have been massively talked up, create a great deal of anticipation and can’t survive the hype. Leaving you disappointed and with the feeling that you wasted valuable time and an unreasonable amount of money. But […]

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Understanding the dark recent history of Vietnam

Visiting the War Remants Museum of Ho Chi Minh City isn’t a happy day out; the whole thing is quite an emotional roller coaster that never peaks. At the entrance, fat armchair war nerds take pictures, smiling as they stand next to old Chinook helicopters while drinking from a can of coke. Everything goes downhill […]

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Tramping through Prea Vihear in Northern Cambodian

My recent trip to the North of Cambodia was something else. As in, not what I was expecting before I went there. The town is a quite a dingy hellhole surrounded by overflowing rivers. Endless cycles of flooding and drought have kept the entire area in poverty since they started keeping track of their own history. […]

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The jelly fish incident on the shores of Cambodia

Something strange and terrible happened the other day. I was at the beach, waiting for a mango salad at one of the many restaurants lined up along the shore. When a routine fart turned into a shart. Instinctively I ran towards the ocean resembling a penguin while I did so. Once in the water I […]

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Lessons from Russia

Kris and I decided to shift towards South East Asia. She was keen on the scenic, full of stops way, I was interested in a way that wouldn’t require dealing with visas and paperwork. So we did the sensible thing and treated ourselves with a break from each others faces. A measure that in the […]

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A spork in the road: it’s time to go our separate ways

Since we left Australia we’ve had an incredible 16 months travelling together in South America and next week things are about to be very different. But super exciting. I’m flying to Panama on Tuesday to start my whirlwind Central American exploration and Andres is making his way to Cambodia via a decent stop in Russia […]

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Back in the Bogota groove

Andres grew up in Bogota in the early eighties, a city with a bad reputation and a politically turbulent history. Leaving to study in Australia in 2006, he’s been a long time coming home; returning to a much changed Colombia. I wondered how much. Does time away from Colombia make you feel disconnected from your […]

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Medical tourism for vagabonds

Hospitals might be the last place a traveller feels like visiting while exploring a new place, unless the purpose of their trip is to get that [insert organ/procedure] for a fraction of what it would cost you at home. In my case there is nothing to replace, yet, and nothing I want to make easier […]

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Peninsulas and pimples

The first time Kris and I studied an Argentinean map with wandering intent, Peninsula Valdes piqued our curiosity in the same way a pimple decorating the tip on the nose of a gorgeous anchorwoman would. Never mind the two dozen babies on the bus rolling down the cliff, smashing a nursery of baby pandas; I […]

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