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The many faces of Lake Titicaca

Five years ago I took a couple of months out to do a whirlwind trip to South America. Mainly I had dreamed of seeing the animals on Galapagos Islands and hiking in the high altitude mountains of the Andes. This is the final stop in the retelling of that journey. Kris After the buzz of hiking the Inca Trail our […]

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Carnaval craziness in Sorata

Sorata is the kind of place you escape to for a while. A local bus takes you out of the crazy sink hole of La Paz, winding above the slums of the Capital city, passing the expansive blue of Lake Titicaca to a world of vibrant green. The last leg of the four hour journey […]

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Photo dump: Sugar sweet Sucre

Sucre is Bolivia on it’s best behaviour; super clean streets, manicured gardens, white-washed classical buildings and some of the best chocolate the country has to offer. We spent time lazing in cafes drinking lime and sugar Caipirina’s, sampling intense hot chocolates and making sure the local salteña was well understood. Add to that an incredible […]

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Hot spring chill out in Bolivia

Potosi completely surprised me. After days of enjoying remote nature in Southern Bolivia, I only planned on passing through the highest city in the world on the way to somewhere else. Most people visit Potosi to do a Mine Tour, but crawling underground in the dark, watching people shorten their life expectancy digging for silver, […]

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Las fuerzas naturales de Bolivia

After spending four days traversing the remote South of Bolivia in a jeep, I have a renewed respect for nature. The high altitude landscape, devoid of trees and forest, revealed a truly unique beauty. Wild and expansive desert spaces unfolded as we drove up to 12 hours per day across an immense terrain. Snow coated […]

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Practicing the art of solo travel

Tomorrow I jump on a bus headed North to Salta. Happily solo. After nine months in Argentina travelling as a couple it’s time to don my single hat and hit the bumpy road. I’ve been wavering between excited and nervous, but most of all determined. It’s the ideal chance to immerse myself in Spanish without […]

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Making a bee-line to Bolivia

I remember sitting on a local bus a few years ago, Phil Collins power ballads where being played loudly over the radio in a quirky, pan pipe-esque fashion. There was a riot of colour adorning the passengers, intense shawls, jet black hair over beautiful brown faces, bowler hats and cowboy gear; outside the landscape was […]

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How to keep your cool as a solo women on the road

South America often gets a stern wrap about safety, especially for single female travellers. And it’s fair enough to be cautious. I have just been refreshingly reminded that wandering around this continent can also be hassle free if you keep a few things in mind. Recent inspiration comes from a 50 plus Aussie lady who […]

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