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One place to eat before you die

If you only have a couple of days in Bangkok you have to save some stomach space for a hearty seafood meal in Chinatown. Not that we’re advocating shark fin consumption, but we want to point you in the direction of a place that encompasses the energy of the city, while dishing up incredibly tasty […]

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A vegetarian oasis in central Saigon

Vietnam is often touted as a food mecca for die hard Asian cuisine lovers, but finding somewhere to eat as a vegetarian isn’t so easy. Even if you eat seafood, it is often stuffed full of pork or poked in a chunk of beef. But in central Saigon there is now a place where you […]

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Learning to cook in support of Cambodian communities

It’s no secret Andres and I love to eat, so exploring a new culture through taste is always high on our list of travelling priorities. We wanted to learn about the rich layers of local cuisine, enjoy the distinctively Khmer flavours, and if we could feel good about it too by helping people in some […]

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La pasión de Botero

One of the most famous of the modern Colombian artists would have to be a guy that loves to paint, sculpt and illustrate voluptuous figures of people and still life. So round in fact, you would be forgiven in thinking the guy has a fat fetish. His work is gorgeous, political and provocative; synonymous with […]

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All that glistens is Colombian Gold

Bogota is a crazy city, intense traffic, a turbulent history and full of hidden surprises. Spending time away from the Amazon couldn´t be more different than a stay in the capital. I found a place to escape the hustle, learn some history and be inspired by Prehispanic cosmology; the Museo del Oro or the Gold […]

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One night of passion in Salta

Most travellers are hoping for some romantic inspiration in a new place. If only for a night. I was no exception. Although going out at night when you’re travelling by yourself can be challenging. Especially if you’re the only person eating alone. I waver between loving it and feeling like a spare tool. The fear […]

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Latin Jammin

I woke up this morning feeling like I had spent the night sucking on a car exhaust pipe. Seriously. I must have had a good time. After a year together it didn’t take much arm twisting to convince Andres that a good night out was in order. Somewhere with cool tunes and liquid bubbles. Come […]

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La Catedral tango den

When an Irishmen says to you “This is the best bar I have ever been to in my life” you should pay careful attention! La Catedral is one of those places that you feel you are in a dream state. As a tourist you should probably respect the voyeuristic dance perspective you are lucky enough […]

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Alfajor (al-fa-whore), pl. alfajores

When the shop is closed, drivers and pedestrians walk by and fail to hide their grimacing looks. If its open, upon your entrance, the staff smile profusely. They lure you with free samples, it´s OK, they know you’ll stick around. You have  a go at everything the shop has to offer as you bask next […]

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Ole! Getting our Flamenco on in San Telmo

My hands kind of hurt from clapping. Last night we treated ourselves to some Flamenco at Perro Andaluz. An intimate cabaret style place that deserves a plug. With heavy red curtains, candle lit tables and a beer thrown in for 30 pesos each, it’s actually a cheap night out. I was thinking about signing up […]

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