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Photodump: Chinatown, Singapore

Singapore has an awesome Chinatown, set within a backdrop of colourful colonial architecture, a thriving market and some very chatty locals. Chinese Singpaoreans are totally up for a game of regular mahjong if you show enough interest. There’s also a temple housing a tooth relic of Buddha that glows with hundreds of statues in his […]

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Photodump: Poking around Haji Lane, Singapore

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re visiting an upmarket area of Egypt or Morocco in this part of Singapore. Staying close to the mosque, I was reminded by the call-to-prayer that Islam has a beauty all of its own. If you want to walk amongst colonial buildings with a touch of Arabic styling, the sweet smell […]

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Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

What country goes to all of the trouble to build an artificial marina with sand imported from nearby countries, just so they can plant trees and gardens? Not only does Singapore ace town planning but whoever came up with the idea to build a huge park, complete with glass atriums, cloud forests and solar powered super trees that […]

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Photodump: Little India, Singapore

Singapore might have a bright and shiny reputation, a charisma that screams efficiency, but there are a few spaces in the city where shit gets a little more real; like Little India. I love the place, and will definitely choose to stay there on our next visit. If you want to eat some authentic masala […]

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