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Nice brew bro – a poke around Dunedin’s favourite brewery

Stopping in Dunedin for a couple of days, Andres’s face lit up when we realised that our backpackers was right next door to a working brewery. Housed in a beautiful old building from 1876, the site also boasts it’s own natural spring that is used to make all the traditional ales and beers. Actually, Andres […]

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Photodump: On the New Zealand road

It’s easy to say that New Zealand is one of the most visually stunning countries we ‘ve both ever seen, just driving through the landscape is an ever changing delight. We’d also put the flight over the mountains in to Queenstown as one of the best places we’ve ever had the pleasure of landing. This […]

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Taking the trail well travelled to Nugget Point

Deciding on a day trip from the Otago Peninsula, we drove a couple of hours south through farmland to an area known in New Zealand as The Catlins – population 1200. An environment where sea lions, penguins and fur seals outweigh the locals on the land. A place where a rugged coastline leads to frequently wild weather and […]

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Exploring New Zealand’s stunning Otago Peninsula

Leaving the mountains of Queenstown behind Andres and I drove four hours East through quaint hamlets, stopping at historic pubs to fill up on hearty pub grub, and all the way to the coast of Dunedin. The intense colours of Autumn faded as we got closer to the sea, replaced by lush green hills, soggy sheep and salty […]

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The blazing Autumn beauty of Arrowtown

After hiking the Routeburn Track we wanted to stop somewhere close to the end of the trail that had a little comfort, wash off three days of sweat, and get cosy around a fire with a few pints of dark ale. Arrowtown was the perfect choice. As a former gold mining town that has managed […]

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The Routeburn Track: our ultimate New Zealand experience Part 2

Our second day hiking the Routeburn Track took us way above the tree line, along steep cliffs with spectacular views of the mountain range, past glacial lakes and icy waterfalls – easily the best day of the three day trail. It’s hard to beat the feeling of knowing you’ve got a steep mountain to climb, making […]

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The Routeburn Track: our ultimate New Zealand experience

Hiking the Routeburn Track would have to be hands down, the best adventure we had during our recent weeks in New Zealand. Imagine mossy paths littered with ferns, bracing mountain air, trails all to ourselves and the mission of getting to a height of over 1500 metres with a spectacular view of the local mountain […]

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An Autumn walk around Queenstown

Flying in to Queenstown from Australia, faces pushed up against the plane window, it’s easy to be impressed by the soaring mountains that suddenly appear out of the ocean; snow dusted peaks, vast empty valleys, wild ocean shores, New Zealand is a country that visually arrests your attention as soon as you see it from […]

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Destination New Zealand

Things are pretty quiet on the travel blogging front for the moment; we are heads down working and dreaming of our next destination – New Zealand. It’s a country that initiated my travel fetish when I visited with my family as a nine year old; riding speed boats down shallow rocky rivers, flying in a […]

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Why we’re not flying to New Zealand today and why that’s actually awesome

I knew something was up when Andres arrived home during his normal work hours clasping a bottle of champagne, a bottle of red and a bounty of New Zealand mussels. Something terrible. With an unusually sheepish look on his face he muttered something about bad news. Lets start on the red I thought, and maybe […]

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